Company Start-Ups

In 1850 the chemist Max August Jordan founded the firm ‘Chemische Fabrik Dr. Jordan’ in Treptow which in 1863 was one of Germany’s first aniline manufacturers. Over time this grew into the Actien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation, known by its abbrevation AGFA. In 1924-25 Agfa’s new dry plate factory was built in Bouchéstrasse. Its products later included X-ray plates, film for aerial photography, rolls of photographic film and cine film reels as well. In the 1950s the former Agfa factory building became the production site for the VEB Steremat. What began with the development of high-frequency generators led to the manufacture of terminals for the Robotron P8000 computer, reel-to-reel tape recorders with cassette technology for laboratory applications, radio clocks and radio receivers, and much more. The former factory floors were completely refurbished in 1990-94.

Why Start-Ups and other diverse branches of industry are deciding to locate in Berlin

Berlin is a vibrant metropolitan capital enjoying a high quality of life and rapid economic growth, and this is what is attracting ever more start-ups and companies and making them want to locate to Berlin. Interesting office and industrial sites in central locations as well as an international environment are just as important as transport connections and contact with the creative scene and other companies already based here. And that is also what has made the office units at the Bouchéhöfe location into a powerhouse for economic success.